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Welcome Letter

Church of God (Seventh Day) Visalia
2150 West Main Street
Visalia, CA 93291

Dear Friend:

We welcome you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Church of God (Seventh Day) Visalia!  We are a group of people from different walks of life who are unified by a shared commitment to following our God and Creator.  In that spirit, you are invited to join our group.

Here you will find a welcoming community of friends and family members who believe that the Holy Bible is the inspired Word of God and our sole foundation.  The Bible teaches us that God created our universe in six days through His power, that humanity was enslaved by sin through rebellion in the Garden, that God came in human form to redeem us by dying on the cross, and that He will return to establish an everlasting kingdom which will never pass away.  At that time, those who have longed for His appearing will be granted immortality and incorruption, while those who have rejected Him will be utterly destroyed.

It is in light of this cornerstone that we seek to keep God’s commandments, including the seventh-day Sabbath, observe His moral laws, and avoid meats He declared unclean.  We do not do these things as if we were forced, nor do we do them in the legalistic spirit of attempting to earn God’s favor, but we serve Him as a joyous and loving response to the great gift He has bestowed upon us: the promise of adoption in Him.  Because of this, within our church exist many small study groups where we take seriously the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and encouraging each member to bear fruit for God’s kingdom. 

As members of the Church of God (Seventh Day) board, we invite you to share with us in the pursuit of an ever-deepening relationship with our Savior.  We desire to develop close bonds of fellowship with each member of our church as we seek to glorify the great King who gave His life for us on Calvary.

In Christ,

Mark Van Fossen (Board Member, Elder)
Alex Hernandez (Board Member, Deacon)
Levi Van Fossen (Board Chairman, Deacon)
Israel Sotelo Sr. (Board Member, Deacon)
Eric Van Fossen (Board Member, Deacon)
Bunkie Garcia (Board Member)
Alex Haley (Board Member)