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Church of God (Seventh Day) Visalia Ministries

Sabbath School Study Groups

Every Seventh Day from 10:00 am – 11:00 am, the church takes time to meet the Bible-learning needs of individuals at different stages of life.  The following classes are held weekly:

  • Pre-School (ages 0 – 4): Our littlest ones begin learning the basics of Christianity through songs, activities, and Bible stories in an accessible and fun way.  Teachers: Irene Sotelo and Isabel Hernandez.
  • Pre-Seeker (age 5 – 2nd grade): Young students continue their learning, becoming more acquainted with their Bibles as they learn through activities, projects, worksheets.  They begin using their reading from their Bibles and completing lessons.  Teacher: Lety Sotelo.
  • Seeker (3rd – 5th grade): Students memorize Bible passages, learn the books of the Bible, and discover how to share their faith.  Students learn through thought-provoking stories, object lessons, and assignments.  Teachers: Eric and Penny Van Fossen.
  • Junior High (6th – 8th grade): Students learn to build on fundamentals and work more on application of their learning.  They learn to respond positively to peer pressure, continue building their personal relationship with God, and learn to become stronger witnesses for their faith.  Teachers: Levi Van Fossen and Ronna Ross.
  • High School (9 – 12th grade): Students learn about the Christian world at large, other people groups, and learning to be others-oriented.  As more serious students, they prepare for their adult journey, continue to develop their personal walk with Christ, and foster positive habits.  Among many, topics include: having a missions emphasis, helping others, being in constant prayer, discussing faith building stories, being a Christian before doing Christian work, Church history, God’s forgiveness, His faithfulness, and standing apart from the world.  Teachers: Robert Sotelo and Jenny Silva.
  • Young Adult (ages 18 – 35): Students experience a smaller setting where study topics are tailored to their questions and individual concerns.  In a small group discussion, students are challenged to take their stand in the world as they understand the nuances of Bible passages they have learned since childhood and how they apply to their daily lives.  Teacher: Josiah Silva.
  • Adult Class (ages 18+): Adult Bible students fellowship together, discussing doctrine and its application to their personal and family life.  Students receive Quarterly materials which unify the focus for the group.  Teacher: Mark Van Fossen.
  • Adult Elective class: Mature Bible students experience a lively debate-type format for advanced study into topics involving doctrine and prophecy.  Teacher: Jason Sullivan.

Women’s Ministry

This important ministry serves the needs of the women in the church by providing Bible studies, visiting shut-ins, planning spiritual retreats, and coordinating various activities (such as the annual Spring tea).  Every woman enjoys a range of choices to ensure she can build connections, socialize, and feel included.  A strong emphasis throughout each activity is the desire to glorify our Creator and to become stronger in our relationship with Him.  Coordinator: Irene Sotelo.

Young Adult Ladies Mentorship

Women ages 18 – 35 are invited to participate in a small-group gathering designed to discuss their unique concerns and needs.  Participants meet once per month at a restaurant for personal discussion.  Among many topics, ladies discuss marriage and child-rearing tips, study women in the Bible, and pray together.  Often, a book by a Christian woman is chosen as the focus for the group.  The goal is to provide a personal environment for women to communicate needs, to become stronger in the faith, to understand dating and courtship, to build more Godly homes, and make godly choices.  Additional support is available on an individual basis.  Mentor: Jenny Silva.

Children’s Church (ages 1 – 5)

During whole-church worship from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm, young children can receive instruction which is more conducive to their attention span and learning needs.  Parents are thus better able to focus on the worship service and to fellowship.  During the service, children participate in singing, crafts, Bible stories, and often receive a small snack.  Coordinator: Gracie Van Fossen.

Youth Ministry (ages 13 – 17)

On Friday night from 6 pm – 9 pm, youth meet for food, fellowship, games, and study.  Although many fun activities are included, the primary goal of the group is to study God’s word directly for the express purpose of becoming equipped to serve in God’s kingdom, according to their individual calling by the Holy Spirit.

Young Adults (ages 18 – 35) “SWORD”

Friday Night and Saturday from 10 am – 11 am, young adults meet at church weekly for study and fellowship.  SWORD members also attend periodic regional retreats to fellowship with SWORD members from other COG7 congregations.

Church Fellowship and Outreach :

Our Planning Committee is very active in creating fun events for the whole church to enjoy together.  From camping weekends, to church movie nights, to fundraisers, to karaoke, to bowling nights, and more, the Church of God (Seventh Day) Visalia hosts a wide variety of fun, safe fellowship opportunities.

Men’s Ministry

The men of our church meet periodically for spiritual retreats and adventures.